“Another,” screamed Podolski.

Jan looked up from the control panel.


“Another ship. Silvery, circular, and two antennas sticking out, you know. Them.”

Jan sighed. It was the third attack of the year. For all of their technical genius, the aliens were awfully predictable.

“Jan. Look alive, come on. You know what to do.”

“Yes,” Jan said and pressed a button on the control panel. “Zegarek obcych to control room. Do you copy?”

The microphone crackled. “Yes. What do you have?”

“Another alien ship. It’s close to the orbit right now,” Jan said.

Back at the control room, the operator relayed the message to the Alien Termination Unit.

Aleksander, the Captain, didn’t panic. He had spent three years at the Alien Termination Unit. Eliminating an alien ship was a fairly routine procedure.

“Idiots. They always do this. Doesn’t anybody tip them off?” Aleksander mused.

Franciszek, his second-in-command, had no answer. “Maybe they think that’s the way to start a World War.”

Aleksander laughed. “There’s a joke we were told long back, during our training days. They say Jakub, the first messenger, told the aliens that it was tradition to start an invasion from Poland.”

“Idiots,” Franciszek said and laughed.

The Zniszczyć was prepared and fired at the enemy ship. It worked wonderfully well like it always did. The anti-alien technology in Poland was second to none.

“Insane. That’s what they are,” Aleksander said while peering into his telescope. “Didn’t Einstein say something like that?”

“Yes. Doing the same thing twice and expecting different results is insanity. Or something like that,” Franciszek said.

“Not as bright as we thought, eh,” mused Aleksander.

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