The Six Moons

I saw them from the spaceship on the way over, six equal-sized moons, which orbited around the planet. They had kidnapped me. They had caught me unawares. I was taken hostage while I slept. Had I been awake, I would’ve ripped their heads off.

“You’re the prey. We will hunt you,” they said. “Tomorrow, you will be released out into the wild with a price on your head.”

They released me, the green dwarves. I roamed the deserts for five days, trying to survive. There were many close calls. The bastards had great weapons. Even their pistols shot lasers that travelled many a mile.

On the sixth day, the first moon rose. I stared at it and laughed. Moments later, I had achieved my true form. With fangs as sharp as knives, a body as big and as powerful as a horse, and the brains of a human, I turned the tide of the hunt.

The green dwarves and their pistols didn’t hurt me. I sniffed them out and picked them off, one-by-one. They screamed with terror as I laughed with merriment. I picked the meat clean off their bones. By the end of the first full moon night, I had eaten two of them and snapped the necks of a further twenty.

The poor dwarves didn’t know what hit them. They called the hunt off. More pressing matters, they said. A giant wolf was on the loose. The dwarves didn’t bother me any longer, and I did live my life in peace. But I was hungry, and their planet had nothing I could eat. Nothing I could eat as a man.

On the tenth day, the second moon rose. I rose with it. My giant wolf form prowled the streets of Mahok, their capital city, and I fed on the little green dwarves. A week’s worth of hunger. It took four of them to satisfy me. But make no mistake, hundreds were killed. I had to take my revenge.

The six moons meant that I would be guaranteed meals every week, but I wanted to go back to my planet. I was homesick. So, I went up to the alien king Soprok and made him an offer.

“I can banish the demonic wolf,” I said.


“I won’t tell you. But I would do it for you, for a price.”

“Why should I believe you?”

“The next week there will be no wolf. I will hold him.”

“You won’t banish him?”

“That’s for a price.”

“See me next week, if no wolf prowls our streets.”

I took my leave. The next full moon, I lay on the streets and covered my face with old newspapers as I slept. The next day, I went to see Soprok.

“Do you believe me now?” I said.

“Name your price.”

“I want to get out of here. And I need a guarantee that you won’t ever abduct people of our kind.”

“That’s unreasonable.”

“There are villagers with pitchforks waiting outside, your majesty. Another wolf attack and they might lose their cool.”

“How about we send you away but continue hunting?”

“Deal or no deal. No negotiations. I’ll walk away now if you continue to haggle.”

The king didn’t say anything. He thought about things as the expressions on his green face changed every minute.

“Okay. We’ll send you away, but the wolf –“

“The wolf will be taken care of. If he comes again after I’m gone you can bring me back here and kill me,” I said.

The king shook my hand and asked me to wait as he sorted the contracts out. After about an hour, I signed some papers and was escorted to a spaceship quite similar to the one in which I had arrived.

The giant wolf never haunted Soprok’s kingdom after that. Human hunts were scrapped. He even sent me a letter of thanks. Reading the letter, all I could think of was the smoky taste of the green dwarves. How good they tasted and what a shame it was to not be on a planet with six moons.

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