The Sermon

In the light that burst through the clouds, an Angel descended upon the fountain in Hyde Park. The luminous, sparkling angel stood out in the dusk. Stood out from the other creatures of the night that readied themselves to fly in the night sky.

The Angel creased its perfect shimmering brow. It moved its head from one side to the other. Then it reached into the white robes it wore and produced a book. A black, leather-bound book. The light from its pages illuminated the Angel’s perfect, shining face.

A finger ran up and down the pages, looking for something. A page was flipped, then the finger roamed over it furthermore. After about fifteen minutes of this, the Angel looked up. Looked around. And then it spoke.

“The Lord has foretold every nanosecond of existence. Every moment from the big bang to the second coming was decided before time itself by the will of heaven.”

There was no one around to hear that sermon, but the Angel continued.

“Except this. We have no idea what the fuck this is.”

More silence. The Angel was embarrassed, it had said fuck. But no one except the Lord had heard that and the Lord was merciful indeed. Or so the Angel thought.

From the fountain came a low roar that sounded like the laugh of a terribly old man. But it wasn’t a man. It was a dragon, a water dragon.

The dragon rose from the waters of the fountain, took shape as a long snakelike thing with four little hands, two great horns, and a large crocodile-like snout.

“You think your Lord’s the only one that exists, don’t you?” the dragon said and laughed. “You do not know of this because your Lord hasn’t written it down. This is our Lord’s work.”

“Your Lord? You want me to believe that there’s another Lord?”

“Another Lord? There are many. I am the Jade Emperor’s vassal. There are others. There are Buddhas and fire gods and forest gods and wind gods and gods of sun and gods of the moon.”

The Angel stared at the dragon. Its eyes wide open, jaw hanging loose.

“Don’t look so surprised. Move with the times.” the dragon said and laughed at the Angel.

The Lord had never told the Angel about other gods and other lords and creatures of the kind that stood before it. The Angel felt betrayed and was about to take the lord’s name in vain when a heavenly light transported it back where it came from, the Lord’s kingdom. Heaven.

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