The Greatest Villain

The ground was blue, and the sky was green and brown. Trees descended from the heavens, their branches like clouds. And the bushes were white and grey clouds.

Jonathan marched into the world in a white shirt, black trousers, and held a sharp sword in his hands. He needed the sword. It was a treacherous world after all.

Time after time, lightning bolts leapt out of the darker bushes, and apples fell from the heavens. The moon was up, so he assumed it was nighttime, the time when predators lurk in the jungles. But no predator came to face up to him. Perhaps he was lucky.

Through the clouds, he went into a deep trench. Mason Hill, it was. And even though it wasn’t a hill but a trench in this world, Jonathan knew that the place was indeed Mason Hill. He could see his house in the trench.

In his world, he lived at the top of the mountain in a stone house with a red roof made of clay tiles. In the mirror world, his house was at the deepest end of the trench, and its roof was black and the walls red.

He had arrived in the mirror world to defeat the greatest villain that haunted the place. And as the greatest hero in the world, he knew that the greatest villain of the mirror world would live in the black and red house of Mason Hill.

He ran down the trench, reached the bottom at a terrific speed, and rapped on the door of the black and red house. He knocked once, he knocked twice, but no one answered the door. Instead, he heard a laugh from behind him. A terrible laugh, high and cold, quite unlike his own low, warm laugh.

“So, you have come, the greatest hero in the world. You came, Jonathan, you came down the trench.”

“You can see me, right? That means I am here. What else do you need for confirmation?”

“A little blood, perhaps,” the voice said.

And from a cloud bush appeared a man, bent double at the waist. His chest sunken, biceps flaccid, and harmless. He was wearing a black shirt, white trousers, and held a scabbard using his feet. He walked on his hands and appeared some way above Jonathan. On the upper parts of the trench.

“You hold a scabbard instead of a sword. You swing it with your feet instead of your hands. What hope do you have against me?”

The man, the greatest villain, laughed. He laughed and laughed and laughed. “What can I do? I can do a lot of things. You wouldn’t need to stop me if I didn’t.”

With this, the nasty villain performed a wicked dance using his feet and men appeared all over the upper parts of the trench. They had cannons, and they surrounded Jonathan.

The villain cackled. “Now you see what I can do,” he said and ordered the troops to shoot.

They put the cannons on the cannonballs, and the cannons went flying towards Jonathan. The large metal guns all came at the same time, and Jonathan couldn’t do anything. He was hit once, twice, thrice and god knows how many times. His bones were shattered. And he was unable to move.

“We’re not so different, you and I.” The villain cackled in mania. “The only difference is that I am alive, and you, you will be dead soon.”

Grim darkness started to fall over the hero’s eyes. Jonathan, the world’s greatest hero, then raised his head and said, “I know.”

Suddenly, archers appeared from the bushes surrounding Mason Hill. They aimed at the villain’s cannonball cronies and slaughtered them all.

The greatest villain ran into the trench called Mason Hill. He ran past the hero lying broken in a ditch. He ran inside and stepped into the jade mirror.

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