The Door

Travelling through mirrors is not easy. They are like doors, but all of them are plain silver in the nexus. They look very similar. Markings don’t help. The thick fog in the nexus hides them. It’s hard enough to find the handle of a mirror door.

So, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that one day I opened the wrong door and ended up in a world very different from our own.

There was sand, white sand, as far as the eyes travelled. Some scattered trees, dark as the night, punctuated the profound whiteness of the landscape. 

I looked up and saw that the sky was a dark grey. A crescent moon – the only source of light.

In the white sands, some creatures lurked. They looked a lot like men and women of our age, but their skins were as white as the sand.

There were no mirrors as far as I could see. The white sands surrounded me, threatening to engulf me. I walked on, into the perpetual dusk.

After walking what must’ve been a mile or so, I saw a creature leaning against an ebony tree. The creature looked like a man, wore a baseball cap and a t-shirt and shorts and shoes, but something about him was not quite right. He seemed cold, and chills radiated from him.

“Excuse me. Do you have a mirror?” I asked him.

He looked at me from under his baseball cap, his eyes red. “What’s a mirror?”

“Well, it’s a thing you see your face in, you know. Or your outfit, how you look, and all that.”

He cocked his head to one side. “How I look, I don’t know how I look. Nobody does.”

“Then how did you put this outfit together?”

“I did not. I came here this way. I was always like this.”

But that wasn’t possible. I had travelled here through the nexus. The nexus needed a mirror for a node to exist. Maybe, it was a shiny lake or something natural like that.

“Do you drink water? Is there a lake or a pond or a river, or something here?”

The creature shook his head. “No, we don’t drink water. And there’s no lake here. None that I know of.”

“That you know of?”

“Well, you see, there’s a palace some ways north of here. Maybe they have a lake, or that seeing yourself thing you said.”

“North. Okay. Which way is it?”

The creature laughed a shrill laugh. “You don’t even know that? I say, don’t go there. It’s a horrible place. Not the palace, but the villages before the palace. They won’t spare you and your soul for as long as I did.”

“Spare my soul?”

“Yes, milady. What did you think we feed on? Sand?” The creature laughed. “We eat souls. Of each other, usually. But sometimes, when someone like you comes along. Someone with especially strong spiritual power. We can’t resist.”

“I see. Then what about a deal?”

“A deal?”

“Yes. I’ll let you have my soul if you lead me to the palace and back,” I said, knowing full well that I’d escape the moment I’d find a mirror. He didn’t have to know that.

“Deal. A willing soul tastes so much better than an unwilling one. I’ll take you. Those pricks don’t stand a chance against me.”

“Good to know,” I said and shook his cold hand.

Thus, I walk on into the infinite white desert with a soul-eating comrade by my side, looking for a mirror. All because I opened the wrong door.

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