Bistamonte knew he was going to die. He knew age had caught up with him. But before dying, there was something that he wanted to do. He wanted to see his parents alive. They had died years ago, in front of Bistamonte's very eyes. The sight of his parents running around in flames while their … Continue reading Bistamonte

The Game

Moxley sat at his computer, his hair frazzled, his beard long, his clothes caked with dirt, and his eyes red and restless. The keys clattered under the force of his crazy fingers. Lines of code appeared on the computer screen, lines upon lines upon lines, green text over a black background. A crooked smile appeared … Continue reading The Game

The Sermon

In the light that burst through the clouds, an Angel descended upon the fountain in Hyde Park. The luminous, sparkling angel stood out in the dusk. Stood out from the other creatures of the night that readied themselves to fly in the night sky. The Angel creased its perfect shimmering brow. It moved its head … Continue reading The Sermon


They walked into the pizzeria in their overcoats. Their collars raised high. They wore fedoras and smoked cigars and their oxford shoes click-clacked behind them. "Where's Corleone?" One wrinkled old face asked. I rolled the dough out and tossed it into the air. "What's your business?" "You know our business," he said. Two men stepped … Continue reading Pizza?